Xiaomi Mi Band 3: May be the Next CrowdGather Band

Mi Band 3: Xiaomi is just not only knowing for its Smartphones but it also is known for smart home appliances, Gadgets and Wearable Devices. The most recently Wearable Device is Mi Band 2 after launching the Band 2 Xiaomi cleared that they are working on offering Budget Friendly Smart Devices.

Now Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is Flagship of Band 2. After the Great launch of Xiaomi band 2. Xiaomi has always stood out on our expectations, with some serious innovations. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 was an improved version of its predecessor; well we can expect the same from upcoming MI Band 3 as the rumours are already spread over the web.


There is no such official notifications and information on the characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, but according to the experts, Xiaomi Inc is working on Mi Band 3 they will surely come with some new incredible features. But here the rumours do not end and is that it could appear in a quarter of the year around Sep 2017.
The most peculiar detail that is most rumoured is that the screen that will be able to occupy practically the whole smart band, so it will have much more screen than the Xiaomi Mi Band 2.
The fascinating thing is that the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 will continue to have a price as low as the previous models, and it could reach the market for a price of only 2194.98 INR, a price that would make it one of the most wanted smart band wearable in the market.

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It is the time to step up with improved display OLED screen with high resolutions, fully touchscreen, all new designs, improved heart rate sensor, charging equipment and more user-friendly interface for signing up between different apps.


Mi Band 3 will come with a dynamic slim and stylish screen display so you can see more at the glance. Simply lift your wrist to watch time and stats of other features pedometer, heart rate, call notifications and much more.

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Auto counting of steps and that too necessary steps during workouts or exercise and easy managing records on the MI FIT app. With an improved built-in motion sensor that will not dig into the skin to count the heart rate, Xiaomi Band 3 knows exactly when you begin your workout you don’t have to switch modes or tell it before you start. It will measure your heart rate to adjust the length of and intensity of workouts. So keep calm and work hard towards your fitness goals!


Sitting still for too long? Idle alerts send a gentle buzz when you have been sitting for too. These reminders tell you when it’s time for a short walk or water break. Sync with MI FIT app to monitor your running speed and heart rate. Your heart rate drops when you enter deep sleep. Heart rate sleeps assistant measures heart rate while you sleep so that light and deep sleep patterns are tracked more precisely. Mi Band 3 will definitely be going to bring revolutionary changes in the field of health and fitness making it more digitalized. We are definitely accepting increased battery life, more comfortable wearing, colour and design options, wear-tear resistance.

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MI Band 2 had shown awesome features of smart unlock on apps without any fingerprint touch or pin just, this time we can also some more advanced features like this in Mi Band 3.



The major concern in any fitness tracker is its battery life. Mi Band 2 comes with a larger 70 mAh battery. Mi Band 3 may come with power efficient battery more than 70mAh and lasts up to 40 days which is 75% more efficient battery life when compared to Mi Band 2. Now no worry of charging the Mi Band frequently!!

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While developing Mi Band 3, Xiaomi has taken special care regarding its designs and overcoming from its regular design you can see a super slim stylish wearable this time, from leaked images it is clear that the screen size is increased and the whole band is covered with a screen giving it a more realistic look.

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Advanced guided breathing, blood pressure monitoring and connected GPS, NFC may also be seen in MI band 3. It will alert you to message notifications, allow you to set reminders, check your calendar appointments, 3G calling and much more. This time MI 3 will promise you a more active lifestyle, you can get a range of apps spread across categories such as fitness, weather, productivity, news, photography and education. The MI band 3 can also be used for remotely trigger the camera.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Release Date

If we go with the rumours then we can accept the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 in Sep 2017. But still, it is just our expectation, as no official announcements are made. So just keep a watch on it.

So, in this quarter of the year 2017 maybe around Sep, you can see the MI band 3 with its latest features and power pack performance. Since there are no official announcements and notifications so, we have just discussed the features on the basis of rumours and previous trends. We are even still waiting for more news on MI band 3, so stay tuned with us we will surely update you with more news and announcement about the device Mi Band 3.

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